Driving Home For Christmas...

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Where have the last twelve weeks gone? All my assignments have been submitted so I can finally breath without panic and enjoy the holidays. Before you go to university, everyone tells you that living in halls is great; you will meet amazing people, develop a fab social life etc. They are not wrong. Cheney halls has an amazing social atmosphere, and even if you are not a party animal you are bound to meet people that live in or around your halls through society’s and on your course.

Getting ready in Cheney before Freshers Ball

Life in halls at Brookes is pretty great. This is my second time around living in halls and I’m really impressed by the standard Brookes has set. I live in the Postgraduate/mature student block, and I don’t have to worry about a thing. Cheney Student Village is only 5 minutes from JHB, which is great for days when you have slightly overslept as you can still easily make the lecture. The launderette is not even 30 seconds from my front door and there is a common room just round the corner. Though a word of advice for all you prospective students learn how to use a washing machine before you come! So far I’ve taught 6 very embarrassed, very confused freshers.

Packing up my belongings I need for Christmas I can’t help but feel blue at leaving Brookes, even if it is only till the end of January. I love my life here, and I don’t doubt that I will find a reason or two to pop back and visit over the holiday. I have become so used to laughing with my housemates over breakfast at our hangovers and drunken antics, then sharing a bottle of wine over dinner; because you know that’s a cure for the headache!
Have a great Christmas!