Happy New Semester!

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After the relentless cramming and daily library sessions at the end of last semester, I was desperate for the start of the Christmas holidays and for a fun and relaxing January. For most people this time of year is synonymous with spending time with family, giving and receiving presents and drinking heavily finally being just a bit more socially acceptable.

In reality I’ve found myself lost over the last few weeks, without constantly being surrounded by friends, the difficult but lovable University lifestyle and living the city of Oxford and I can’t wait to be back at the end of the month.

Like many students, I’ve found being at home for a few weeks a bit like being in weird state of limbo. When I found out my next semester would only be starting back up in early February, the idea of sitting around all day watching Netflix and being able to make fun of friends who’d long since began work at other universities, sounded great.

For me at least, this turned out to be a lot less appealing and my daily routine has ended up consisting of regularly refreshing social media, whilst nagging friends with actual jobs and responsibilities to indulge my neediness.

When Christmas day itself arrived, the large majority of my presents were books that I needed for my course. Compared to the days of spending all of Christmas playing with shiny new toys, this was an anti-climax, and another scary reality check to be honest.
Merry Christmas John.
Not that I can really complain too much. Heading into the final few months of my degree, and of course graduation, it’s just so hard not to be thinking about University. Even around New Year’s when most people start looking back, I seem to have found myself looking forward to the year ahead.
University life just seems so much more appealing. As someone who was especially homesick during first year, and still regularly phones my parents asking for embarrassingly obvious advice, this is something I never thought I’d really write.

As much as I love my home town, the fact it was listed as the least cultural place in Britain by the Royal Society of Arts last year means living there is a bit of a contrast to Oxford too.
I’m totally aware of how whiney this all sounds. A lengthy break from any real work has been much needed, plus I’ve definitely enjoyed taking advantage of things like home cooking and succumbing to the allure of £1 J├Ągerbombs.

Work-wise, it could be worse as well really. I’m lucky enough never to have gone through the pain of January exams, or having coursework to worry about during the ‘holiday’ season.
Overall though, I really am itching to get back to Oxford, make the most of my final semester and really push for the best grade possible. Or I’ll just end up in the JHB all day, pretending to work hard, as usual.


An Introduction to Me, Song!

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Happy New Year !

A few words about myself to kick-start this blog !

I come from a tropical Malaysian island - a land of glorious food, timeless heritage, exotic arts and culture, charming beaches and hills, beautiful people and trees, a land with an average temperature of 30°C throughout the year. Georgetown, Penang !

At 20, I moved to Oxford to study Architecture. It was my first time being 6411 miles away from home, 8 hours backwards in time from home, more than 20°C cooler than home. I was ecstatic ! My golden ticket to pursuing my passion, a quality education, building on experiences, and globetrotting.

This is where I am headed to to build my life for the next 3 years or more. 

Fear of a 13-hour flight, fear of thick British accent, fear of 10°C, fear of losing my friendships, fear of losing my identity in a foreign land.

When I left on the flight, all the fear left. As soon as I was given control of my life, I felt composed and energized. It was uplifting to realize those fears I felt were rooted in my ambition : taking control of my life

Leaving home, that was taking it. 
Leaving my comfort zone, that was acknowledging that I was ready for the challenges ahead.
It took a lot to pack up and move to another place by myself, but it was worth it.

Here I am at 24. Still chasing the architect's dream I naively envisioned years ago. But now, I know more of what I want to experience in my life. I do not live it like a checklist, because the most significant and beautiful moments come to us off-guard, unplanned. 

I talk about the things that I am inspired by, and wish people would tell me more about : life in various stages, sunsets and sunrises, nature and climate change, gratitude and optimism, food and travel, listening and observing.

So, here's to the first page of a great new year ! To more awesome moments !