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Happy New Year !

A few words about myself to kick-start this blog !

I come from a tropical Malaysian island - a land of glorious food, timeless heritage, exotic arts and culture, charming beaches and hills, beautiful people and trees, a land with an average temperature of 30°C throughout the year. Georgetown, Penang !

At 20, I moved to Oxford to study Architecture. It was my first time being 6411 miles away from home, 8 hours backwards in time from home, more than 20°C cooler than home. I was ecstatic ! My golden ticket to pursuing my passion, a quality education, building on experiences, and globetrotting.

This is where I am headed to to build my life for the next 3 years or more. 

Fear of a 13-hour flight, fear of thick British accent, fear of 10°C, fear of losing my friendships, fear of losing my identity in a foreign land.

When I left on the flight, all the fear left. As soon as I was given control of my life, I felt composed and energized. It was uplifting to realize those fears I felt were rooted in my ambition : taking control of my life

Leaving home, that was taking it. 
Leaving my comfort zone, that was acknowledging that I was ready for the challenges ahead.
It took a lot to pack up and move to another place by myself, but it was worth it.

Here I am at 24. Still chasing the architect's dream I naively envisioned years ago. But now, I know more of what I want to experience in my life. I do not live it like a checklist, because the most significant and beautiful moments come to us off-guard, unplanned. 

I talk about the things that I am inspired by, and wish people would tell me more about : life in various stages, sunsets and sunrises, nature and climate change, gratitude and optimism, food and travel, listening and observing.

So, here's to the first page of a great new year ! To more awesome moments ! 

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