Spring is here!

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I call spring a transitional season - it's unpredictable, yesterday it was warm and sunny, today it is cold and rainy, tomorrow, who knows?

Nevertheless, it is a beautiful season. The black-and-white winter picture is slowly coming to life with vibrant colours, chirpy music and sweet smells. So, go out and embrace the happy Sun! Oxford is such a beauty with its dreamy spires and historical backdrop. Take a walk down the hidden alleys and you may find quirky pubs, antique shops and trip advisor restaurants. Relax on the steps of the Bodleian Library or Bonn Square with an ice cream for some people watching and bird feeding. Listen to beautiful classical symphony at the Sheldonian Theatre. Dive into jazzy street music on Cornmarket Street. Visit the Oxford University colleges for a reasonable fee of £1 - £7, free if you have an insider And visit the chic-looking Oxford Brookes University for free! 

Check out the cherry blossoms outside the Bodleian Library

The sunlight can be as romantic as the moonlight

South Park is the perfect spot to watch the sunset for free!

For some students, this is the time to break from your hectic studies and apply for jobs/internships/summer vacation. Time to catch up with family and friends, your hobbies and quirky interests. I have been putting on hold my favourite Murakami novels, guess I will take this time to pick it up again. 

Have a Happy Easter, y'all! Eat eggs, chocolates, cheese and whatever that makes you happy!