Why I chose Oxford Brookes

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For me choosing Brookes came down to a handful of things. The main sell factors for me were knowing the fantastic reputation my course held and success of the open day I attended last summer. The campus definitely delivered a wow factor on arrival, and there was an army of students on hand to point us in the right direction. During the BA Publishing Media course talk, the second years mentioned several times how the cohort is a close knit bunch and has a family feel to it. Whilst this was an appealing thought, at the time I thought they were simply just talking the uni up. Now at the end of my first year at Brookes I would say those same words. My course mates are some of my closest friends, and our cohort is like one loud family.

I could not be happier in my decision to attend Brookes. Not only is it the best university for my course but the support that has been provided over this academic year has been outstanding. I’m rather Dyslexic and have several chronic health conditions, this left me with some concerns about how this would impact my ability to perform on the course. The Disability and Dyslexia team have ensured that I have had an extremely positive experience, I very rarely worry about these issues now.

My tutors have been a great source of support from before I was even here. The first time I met my course leader was at the open day last year, after chatting for a few minutes she asked me why I hadn’t applied yet and made sure I did before I left! They have been people I can go to with questions course related and non-course related. This weekend I signed a preliminary contract with Britain’s Next Bestseller. It’s a new publishing house and operates slightly different to the ones we have studied this year. To ensure my novel gets published I have to achieve 250 preorders in a six-week period. My lecturers have been on hand to talk me through the process, which has been an incredible aid to have available! 


School of Architecture End of Year Show

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The end of year oxford school of architecture show is back with an impressive array of quality work. After the final portfolio submission, students had 2 weeks to build the exhibition with an allocated budget from the school or external sponsors. This was a great opportunity to apply our practical design and build skills to display our work professionally. Although the exhibition itself is more toned down compared to the exhibition in my 3rd year (2014), the quality of work displayed this year is amazing. I am particularly attracted to the intricate and sketchy hand drawings, painted drawings, abstract collages and physical models on display. In this era, the computer is merely a tool, the hand remains the god. Every materialization of ideas start with the pencil/pen. Participatory architecture is also gaining importance. This exhibition showcases the synthesis of art, environment, science, maths and research to form a holistic architecture.

Here are my favourite picks from the exhibition:

Where ?
Abercrombie Building
Undergrad Architecture : Ground floor
Undergrad Interior Architecture : 4th floor
Postgrad Architecture : 3rd floor

9am - 5pm
28/5 - 8/6

Visit the university on the open day (4th June) to check out exhibition and gain first-hand information from the architecture students on duty.

For art/design/architecture enthusiasts, get inspired by the London architecture festival, the Venice Biennale and other schools of architecture exhibition.


Oh summer you so fine!

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Happy Summer People!

May is here with the sassy smiling sun and cool breeze. Time to ditch the dull coats and brighten up your wardrobe! This is the final week of the semester where students are busy with project submissions and exams. Students bid goodbye to their last lecture (of their life, possibly) and strive through the storm of exams.

I submitted my final work on Wednesday and have been chilling around, or better say, treating myself like a king.

Today, I missed the bus departing from Harcourt Hill Campus by 2 minutes! Instead of waiting for the next bus, I explored the hilltop neighborhood. It was a mesmerizing surprise! Harcourt Hill is so beautiful with the natural hilly landscape and lovely cottages that appear just like in the Enid Blyton's books I grew up reading. It felt so surreal as if I had stepped into a magical portal oblivious of time. My phone has got attitude especially in crucial times, and this was one of it. It died on me just when I was about to capture a picture-perfect scenery. What a bummer! As much as I like to take photos with a camera, I also indulge in keeping memorabilia of my journey. I collected many beautiful, bizarre-looking leaves and flowers, to be used as bookmarks. I love to see the transition of seasons through the changes in coloration of the leaves. It's a record of the experiences that I had while the seasons transition - the people I have met, the lessons I have learnt and the ups and downs in my life for a year.

Harcourt Hill Campus

Leaves collected during the walk

And finally, time to pick up new novels and movies. The Oxford Brookes University library has a vast collection of fiction novels that I look forward to dive in over the summer break. I have lived in Oxford for more than 3 years now, and it has never failed to surprise me with its natural beauty and contemporary culture in a historical setting. There are many more natural landscapes and hidden alleys to explore. When it gets too quiet here, London is just an hour away for an adrenaline boost. For now, I would like to escape the city and be with nature. And if my phone fails me again, I always have a good novel, a sketchbook and a photographic memory.

South Park
3 novels in a week feat!