School of Architecture End of Year Show

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The end of year oxford school of architecture show is back with an impressive array of quality work. After the final portfolio submission, students had 2 weeks to build the exhibition with an allocated budget from the school or external sponsors. This was a great opportunity to apply our practical design and build skills to display our work professionally. Although the exhibition itself is more toned down compared to the exhibition in my 3rd year (2014), the quality of work displayed this year is amazing. I am particularly attracted to the intricate and sketchy hand drawings, painted drawings, abstract collages and physical models on display. In this era, the computer is merely a tool, the hand remains the god. Every materialization of ideas start with the pencil/pen. Participatory architecture is also gaining importance. This exhibition showcases the synthesis of art, environment, science, maths and research to form a holistic architecture.

Here are my favourite picks from the exhibition:

Where ?
Abercrombie Building
Undergrad Architecture : Ground floor
Undergrad Interior Architecture : 4th floor
Postgrad Architecture : 3rd floor

9am - 5pm
28/5 - 8/6

Visit the university on the open day (4th June) to check out exhibition and gain first-hand information from the architecture students on duty.

For art/design/architecture enthusiasts, get inspired by the London architecture festival, the Venice Biennale and other schools of architecture exhibition.