Industry Guest Seminars

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Summer is officially over and second year is in full swing. After hearing stories from previous students of horror deadlines, and remembering last years coffee fueled nights of weeks 6 and 12 where every deadline seemed to collide at once, second year is like a breath of fresh air, with spaced deadlines galore. You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from my cohort.

Throughout the BA Publishing Media degree, the university puts on a rather spectacular line up of optional lunch time and evening guest lectures. Whilst it's completely up to you whether you attend or not, it is detrimental to yourself to not come along. Last year we were treated to talks by industry experts such as James Daunt Managing Directer of Waterstones; I cannot count how many times the notes I have taken from these seminars have wound up in my essays. They are an asset.

So far this year a number of seminars have already taken place. We were extremely lucky this month to receive a lecture from Jonathon Glasspool Managing Director of Bloomsbury Academic. The hour or so he talked for was fascinating. We were provided with further invaluable insights into the world of  academic publishing and had a great laugh at the Harry Potter jokes weaved into the lecture. For anyone interested in a future at Bloomsbury it was a key seminar to attend as it covered the must have skills and experiences that they look for.

Angus Phillips Head of School of Arts (left), Jonathan Glasspool Bloomsbury Academic (right).

Oxford Brookes relations with the publishing industry is partly what makes the university a fantastic place to study. You know that the opportunity's presented, such as the guest seminars, will always be enriching.