A Day (Off) in the Life of a Brookes Student

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At the time of writing this, it’s a Monday, and I have Mondays, Wednesdays and the weekend off. I work Tuesdays and have lectures on Thursdays and Fridays. Having not done that much over the weekend in terms of work, I'm trying to crack on a little bit by being at the library to work on a 3,000 word essay due in a couple of weeks. I’m also here writing about how my days off tend to go; this one so far is going well apart from the constant sneezing and the inability to get From Paris to Berlin by Infernal out of my head. Anyway, I’m photographing as I go, and making sure to note down how I actually spend my time off because frankly, I have no idea. Let’s begin…

How to stay sane
I set a bunch of alarms every morning, and eventually wake up. I was up a bit later than normal last night so it took a few attempts to get out of bed. I ended up waking up at 10am, and after scrolling through Facebook and Instagram for about twenty minutes, I made a cup of tea and a bowl of Weetos (so gourmet). I tried to fight the temptation, but ended up watching an episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix with breakfast, and managed to actually get dressed and pack a bag for uni at about 11am. By quarter to 12 I was ready to actually leave.
Cold but pretty in Marston
The literal uphill struggle that is my walk from Marston Road to uni was painful but pretty. I got to uni at 12 but going to the shop, and actually trying to find a seat in the library in week 10 - my bad for coming so late - meant I didn’t sit down until about half past. I managed to grab a seat at the back of level 3 in the quiet zone.
Kitted out with tea, squash and Finding Dory tissues

I had my giant bag of crisps, some doughnuts, and a cup of tea (you’d be correct in thinking I won’t be writing about staying healthy at uni anytime soon) and it was time to start actual work. I had yet again forgotten headphones so this work session was going to be a killer. After writing half of this piece, I reluctantly started reading through some online journals around my essay topic.

I managed to do some genuinely uninterrupted work for almost two hours, but my pen decided to give in and I couldn’t make any more notes. I put out a weird facebook status on the off-chance someone I knew had a spare pen and would bring it to be on level 3, but I eventually went to the Colonnade and bought a new one (why are there no free pens?), as well as another cup of tea.
New tea, new pen, new me
I got back on to note-making and managed to work through all the journals I had opened the night before. At 4pm I had a loo break – thought you’d like to know – followed by one last journal reading and note-making. Then instead of doing anything with my notes, I spent around half an hour doing some online window shopping for Christmas presents, and perusing Facebook. At this point, I wrote more of this article, because I’d eaten about 80% of a bag of Sensations crisps, four jam doughnuts (I’d call them small though), and two cups of tea. On the plus side, I had managed to find 27 references, and 2 tables to use in my essay. I was originally going to meet a friend in the library but I felt my brain come to a standstill so I decided to check the buses in preparation for going home and eating proper (sort of) food.
Our half Christmas/half birthday sort of living room
Shortly after getting home I was on the phone to my sister for an hour and a half (and was also passed around a few family members during). We had a long chat about plans for Christmas and an open day I went to last week. After that I went downstairs and cooked a frozen pizza for dinner (Michelin star for me). After that my housemates played various movie themes and I scrolled through a few Buzzfeed articles with funny animal pictures. I don’t remember how I spent the few hours between dinner and going to bed because I probably didn’t do anything interesting. Usually we’d watch a film but I’m pretty sure I tried to go to bed fairly early because of work the next day. I do know that I watched an episode of Gilmore Girls before bed so at least I’m consistent.

So there you have it, a pretty uninteresting but average day off for me as a student at Brookes. Other days can be really different; for example I’ll be going to London to see my brother at the weekend, but equally some can be thoroughly boring and can involve sitting on the sofa doing very little amounts of work in between a sort-of-film-marathon.

How do you spend your days off at uni? Let me know!