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Hey there!

My name is Elizabeth, or Beth for short and I'm a second year here at Oxford Brookes. A little bit about me is that; I study English Language and Communication with Education studies, I've lived in Oxfordshire my entire life and Brookes was my number one university choice. As well as being a full time student, I am part of a ballet school in the local town of Witney (which is about an hour away from Oxford so anybody looking to keep up dance should check in with the Brookes Dance Society), I also enjoy ice skating, reading and am a bit of a history buff. My home is a small village outside of Oxford and every weekend I work at Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site, twenty-five minutes away from the city. My aim for this blog is to help to make Oxford feel as homely as possible for as many students as possible.
Picture taken by myself of Blenheim Palace courtyard

As a first year, I really struggled with making friends and paired with all the pressures of university work, it sometimes felt hard to feel at home in my own city. I cannot image how it feels for people who are miles away from their own homes, friends and family. Hopefully that's where I come in, during my time as a blogger I'd like to take you all through what life in Oxford really has to offer... From days trips, to where to eat, to where is the best place to do your weekly shop. I hope to say I offer it all - I certainly wish somebody could have told me. I want to use my experience to give advice on surviving all three years of being a student.

This has just been a short post to tell you a little bit about me and what to look out for in the future!


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  2. It is so true! I am also planning to shift from here for pursuing my law degree. I really want to become a successful lawyer but I am also very sad that I will have to leave everybody here and move. I am busy with my LSAT Prep now and then I will be gone.