#BestBites: Cowley

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Hello, there! My name is Sahra - but call me $K (the dollar sign is vital). I'm a Second Year studying Business and Marketing Management from London.
I'm a world famous Brookes Radio DJ reeling in on average 2 listeners per week (Monday's 4-5pm, put that in your diaries) and also a member of Dance Society, despite the fact that I have the dancing ability of a slug. I am, indeed, a BNOC (Big Name On Campus) and loads of people approach me for a #seflie in the fabulous JHB (or as I like to call it, JHBae).
My blogs will feature a range of topics from food to nights out to music reviews, but will always include a healthy amount of banter as recommended by your GP. I shall begin with the Best Bites on Cowley. Enjoy reading!

Ah, Cowley Road! The constant hustle and bustle is rather warming as it reminds me of the busy streets of London. There are many things to do on Cowley, most notably, eat. Strangely, Cowley doesn't have your typical chains, aside from a few such as Costa, but instead offers a variety of cuisines from Syrian to Italian. I'm going to give my review on a few places to eat on Cowley Road.

1. Sundaes Gelato

A birthday surprise during work!
Craving something sweet? Sundaes Gelato will heal your sweet tooth in no time! As a former employer I can assure you that we have tasted absolutely every flavour on display and they're all delicious. Sundaes doesn't just tempt you with a range of ice creams, but also offers sundaes as well as waffles, crepes, hot drinks, cookie dough and recently, mocktails! Personally, I'm more of a crepe person and prefer them to waffles, so my recommendation is get yourself a velvet chocolate heaven Crepe (this includes strawberries, bananas, chocolate sauce with flakes) with a scoop of ice cream on the side. Yes, it screams diabetes but it also screams #yolo.
Food Points: 7/10 (and a gold star for the incredible mango sorbet)

2. Buenosera

Italian food. Enough said. This is a global favourite. All Italian food is just the edible form of the 100 emoji. I have visited this restaurant about twice now and they have even opened up chains around Oxford during the summer. It offers the classic Italian dishes but at a high standard and the prices are affordable. They offer gluten free (#ShoutoutToTheCoeliacs) meals so come all for a juicy Italian meal! (Side note: there is a very handsome Italian waiter, I have yet to find out his name. Stay tuned.)
Food points: 8/10

3. The First Floor

Nope. Nope. Nope. NOPE. I'm not the biggest fan of spicy food, but I can still tolerate most Pan Asian meals. Before I came for a visit to The First Floor, I was rather excited to stuff my face with lovely all-you-can-eat buffet food because who wouldn't be? The First Floor, however, ruined my expectations. The food was greasy, not even that warm and did not offer much of a variety. I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in poppadoms. Would not return. #SorryNotSorry.
Food points: 3/10

Oh gosh...
4. Rusty Bicycle

This isn't quite Cowley Road, but just a few minutes down the road from the City Arms, you will come across a welcoming gastropub, which serves the best pizzas and burgers in Oxford.
They do amazing student deals throughout the week, such as 50% off burgers/pizzas and 15% when you takeaway! I love a cheeky deal, me.
Food points: 9/10

5. The Pickled Walnut

"The pickled what?" Not only is the name obscure, but the interior of the restaurant itself is eye catching and rather appealing. TPW is a Syrian restaurant and since I'm rather used to Middle Eastern food (#PersianPriestess), this food was absolute treat! It is all made with incredible effort and even the presentation on the plate is impressive. However, in terms of the dosh, it's not the most student friendly but it's not particularly expensive - perhaps go when the loan has come in. If you have a soft spot for Mediterranean goodness, this is definitely the place for you.
Food points: 7/10

Until next time,