Hello! This is Mia Jorjikia!

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Dear All,

I would like to say hello and introduce myself to you with the help of this video below!
In the forthcoming months I will be sharing my Brookes stories starting from the international foundation year, continuing with my placement in London and ending with what I am currently doing.
As you can probably see from the video, I am very inspired by Oxford, which is why I will also be sharing some places to go to sightsee and eat/drink that I find enjoyable.

Thank you for your attention!
Have a great day!

Best wishes,
Mia Jorjikia

I thought I'd share my favourite picture of Oxford with you. I took this picture in March 2014. Isn't this city wonderful ?


  1. It's a very nice start Mia! I like your video❤️ But the ending is a little bit sudden. I am happy to write your first comment ��

    1. Thanks Candice ! Appreciate your opinion :)x