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Dear All,
Thank you for such warm response to my first post where I introduced myself! Today I would like to start sharing my Brookes stories with you.
So… my Brookes story has started in 2013, when I arrived in Oxford to undertake my International Foundation Business and Technology course. The course that prepared me for my undergraduate degree studies. I felt very excited and ready to accept the challenge. Below I am going to answer 3 questions about that year:
  1. How did you feel when you got accepted?
  2. What was your main goal for that year?
  3. What have you actually learnt ?
1. The song below perfectly describes how I felt :). After learning English for many years and passing the IELTS academic English test I felt like there was aint no mountain high enough to keep me from getting to Brookes :)
My main goal for the year was to dive in to the British culture, which is why that year I bought everything that had the Union Jack on (and by everything I mean EVERYTHING) :)
Here I am at The Clive Booth Student Hall in 2013.
Another goal was to meet the people coming from all over the world and try to find common language with them. So when I finally arrived to my first lecture I was unstoppable :). I talked to everyone I met on the way and found out about their life stories. The wonderful people, coming from all the continents on this planet I met that year, widened my horizons and changed my way of thinking.
The song below perfectly showcases how we sometimes felt when talking to each other, however we embraced our differences  and worked as a great international team the whole year.
3. To answer the question SO WHAT HAVE YOU ACTUALLY LEARNT? I will let my 17 year old self speak for herself (please see the video below)
So as you can see it was a year when I have learnt how to read write and talk in an academic manner and how to make connections with people from around the world. It was a year that made me realise that if you come out of your comfort zone, in my case leave your homeland to study abroad, the magic will happen. As a proof of such magic being real here at Brookes please see below.
In the second semester of my foundation year (2014)I was asked to give an interview about my course, which I thought was an honour in itself, however in September 2014 I found out that I was chosen to be on the front cover of the Pathways brochure, the brochure that I used to read as a Moscow high school student dreaming of being a Brookes student one day.
So this is it for this time, however next time I will be happy to share the continuation of my Brookes Story - International Hospitality Management year 1.
Best wishes,
Mia The Brookes Blogger


  1. Thank you for your story!!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Mia, I was so delighted to read this page. Being a Brookes student myself, I could identify myself with everything you wrote, remembering the times when I facing the same challenges. You writing style and the ability to describe the student life at Oxford Brookes University are by all means authentic and nothing short of outstanding! For future students, your blog is a perfect assortment of guiding tips. Thank you! I am so excited to read the other and future posts you made!

    1. Dear Natasa, Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support! <3 <3 <3