Occupational Therapy Week

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It's Occupational Therapy week 2016!!


This is the week where all occupational therapists take a deep breath a rehearse what they are going to say when someone inevitably asks "but what is occupational therapy?" Luckily this year the theme is promoting occupational therapy as a career, so here I am, doing my bit.

I could talk forever about what OT's do because there's quite a lot. Be it in a mental health setting, the community or in A&E there is sure to be someone in green trousers rushing around: but I'll try and keep it simple.

Occupational therapists look at a persons mental and physical health then works with them to help the individual reach their full potential.

Some of that involves building up confidence as well as adapting the environment to suit people needs. Like I said, there's a lot of different aspects to OT but all in all we help people reach they're goals as well as try and incorporate meaningful activities to help with this.

If that hasn't helped (and I wouldn't blame you) there's a poster exhibition in the JHB that's been set up by the OT society. The posters have been made by OT students trying to explain what Occupational therapy means (yes one of them is mine). They're up all week so be sure to check them out.

 (These are a few of the posters that are up in the JHB)

As always you can ask me any questions you have about occupational therapy and I will do my best to answer.