Societies @ Brookes: Dance

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"I have two left feet"
"I've never danced before in my life"
"I can only dad-dance"
"I can't dance"

These are the following things I told myself before joining Dance Soc. in Second Year.

You see, I was rather convinced that you had to be a natural born dancer who had been training for several years to join the Dance Society. However, in the Fresher's Week of my Second Year, I thought, "why the hoot not?"

The society are a group of lovely, warm and welcoming people who know how to get jiggy and bust some juicy moves and they cater to all dancing abilities. They have the following classes: fitness, modern, hip hop, street, contemporary, lyrical, ballet, tap and pointe, all taught by lovely Brookes students (shout-out to ma gal Luce).

I'm currently part of Hip Hop and go to a weekly fitness training which is essentially where my body dies by doing squats and such because I'm incredibly unfit #bodygoals #instafit #swag.

Yes, I have no previous experience in dancing (except for cheeky nights at Purple Turtle and Atik) and yes I have the hand-eye coordination of a baboon, but Dance Soc. has in fact taught me how to get over that fear and allowed me to realise that, indeed, I can *try to* wack out some dank grooves. Plus, it makes me sound cool and impressive when I tell people I'm part of Dance Soc.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is you never know until you've tried - so be like Sainsbury's and try something new, whether it's Dance, Computer soc. or even Mario Smash Bros Soc (yes that is a thing at Brookes), because you might actually really enjoy it and learn how to (in the words of Yonce) feel yourself.

Until next time,