Where To Eat in The Covered Market

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One of the big draws of Oxford as a city is the unique Covered Market that ties together a fascinating culture of traditional fruit & veg stalls, cafés, independent sellers, charity stores and a mix of different cultures and foods. On the traditional side of the market is Bonners fruit and veg, the flower shops (Jemini, The Garden), the butchers stalls (Hedges, M Feller Son & Daughter) and newsagent at the back. There's independent shops like AnsariOxford Aromatics, Cardews & Co. Coffee, as well as Nothing, Next to Nothing and Two Foot Nothing that all sell clothes or accessories. There's a vintage only Helen and Douglas House at the front, a massive range of cafés and eateries and the range of culture extends to Sasi's Thai, Sofi de France, and East 2 West. There's so many different smells and sights, you can't walk through without peering through The Cake Shop windows to marvel as they make celebration cakes in the shape of an Oxford college. Working on High Street, I'm literally seconds away from all that The Covered Market has to offer me for lunch and I thought I'd share some of my favourites. 

First up is Sofi de France because it's my most recent discovery and because I've had the same order the last three visits. It's so tasty. Sofi de France specialise in breakfast and lunch with sandwiches, pastries, cakes, and jacket potatoes with fillings of your choice. The Cumberland sausage baguette (£2.90 to take away or £3.20 to eat in) comes in the softest bread and with a handful of crisps on the side. For a fussy eater like me, having someone actually give me what I asked for without a huge plate of salad on top is marvellous! The baguettes are lovely, and with a cup of tea on top it's the perfect lunch to keep you going. They have really great staff and are definitely worth a trip in your time here. 

There's also great snack places like Moo Moos Milkshakes and Ben's Cookies. Every time my mum visits she has to get a few cookies to take home for everyone because you can't get them like that elsewhere. Super soft and gooey and full of filling - perfection that usually only costs just over £1. Moo Moos is a great treat if you've got a lot of jobs ahead of you, and I definitely recommend the Red Devil smoothie, if you don't mind the £3/4 price range.

Nash's bakery is every bakery you went to as kid. It's so homely and delicious. Try their Chelsea bun and thank me later. Most of their fresh bakes are under £2 and their doughnuts even less. You can get your loaves there if you're a bread lover, or just a little snack for you and your colleagues. It's such a nostalgic stall with gingerbread men and iced buns just like when you were little. (If you're prone to getting lost in here, Nash's is just before the Golden Cross centre!).

There's a lot of places to eat proper meals in the covered market (Pieminister, Browns Cafe, or Ricardo's), but if you go down this particular avenue there's two hugely popular Oxford style cafes that have tea, sandwiches and full English breakfasts. Brothers is a great place to sit and do some uni readings or smaller assignments with a good cup of tea or coffee. They specialise in sandwiches mostly but if you're a clubber that's dying from the night before, then get yourself up and out of bed and into the Oxford Cafe for a proper full English. Both places are friendly and welcoming to new faces, and they're both a great place to eat. 

So there you have it. There are still places I've yet to try and I'm in my last year! I've heard great things about Pieminister and I'm desperate to round off the cafe experience with Browns at the back. There's such a huge variety of things to try that it's definitely worth remembering next time you're in town and fancying something other than another Big Mac. 

I hope you try some of these places out and love them - let me know if there's somewhere I've missed or somewhere else you want me to write about!