Work hard, play hard?

08:37 Hannah Pickford 0 Comments

(This is Esteban, he was part of the flat decorations for Halloween)

One of the hardest things I struggled with first year was getting the balance right between going to lectures and going out socializing: be it clubs, pubs or any other event. I think it's even more difficult when you're a healthcare student as your attendance rate matters: if it dips too low your bursary can be deducted from (scary right?).

However now I'm in second year I think I'm finally getting the hang of it (touch wood). It was Halloween not long ago t(he only calendar barricade that saves shoppers hearing Christmas songs from the beginning of October). Its a big night; only I had lectures the next day. Last year I would have either gone out and missed an entire day (not good) or stayed in and missed a great night(still not good). But now I'm older, wiser, more powerful (okay, just older) I have learned I can compromise...

Go out for the night and go in for the afternoon part of my lectures. I also made myself do three hours of reading and consolidation work for the morning I would be missing. This way I wouldn't feel left behind by the next week. So I got to go out and dance my heart out whoo!!

I'm not saying this works every time or for everyone, but I hadn't missed any of my previous lectures and I knew I understood the subject matter for that day. It's about learning what you are and are not capable of doing.

You can ask me what I got up to that night but unfortunately I don't have any memory of it (oops!)

Still, I did make it to my afternoon lectures