30 thoughts of a university student

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Hey, I’m Jasmine, I’m in my final year and yes, I’m freaking out about it. Soon I’m literally going to be an adult doing adult things and having adult conversations and hanging out with other adults who might have little adults, or children, whatever they’re called, and…and… well, let’s just relax, and acknowledge how far I have come and how far I can go! I advise everyone do this when they have their daily/weekly/monthly existential crisis.
I’ve decided to put together some little realisations I’ve had throughout my time at university.
1)      Never underestimate the power of a roast dinner.
2)      Paracetamol is your best friend.
3)      It’s ok to have a teddy bear.
4)      Naps aren’t just for kids.
5)      Hangovers get worse.
6)      Everyone misses a 9am lecture.
7)      There is not a cool way to end an email.
8)      Lecturers have mastered passive aggression.
9)      Cliques are still a thing but less intimidating.
10)  Mental health is something to nourish.
11)  Everyone gets homesick.
12)  It’s ok to feel clueless about the future.
13)  Dwindling friendships become less painful.
14)  Everyone can be a friend.
15)  It is ok to need support. It is not weak to admit anxiety.
16)  Nobody wants you to fail.
17)  Your work matters.
18)  Your worth is not measured by your grades, but by your resilience, creativity and passion.
19)  Doing chores becomes therapeutic.
20)  Time is precious.
21)  Mum was right – eat your greens.
22)  Coffee is sacred.
23)  1am is an early night.
24)  Family will be there for you.
25)  You will redecorate your bathroom with vomit at least once.
26)  Don’t blame yourself for the things you eat on a drunken night out. The heart wants what it wants…
27)  Accept petty household arguments.
28)  Cereal is overpriced.
29)  You should frequently indulge in a pyjama day.
30)  If someone has done all the reading, they’re either lying, or you need to sit with them in class.

Some of these will stick with us after we graduate, some may not, but it’s safe to say that going to university is about a lot more than just getting a degree. 

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  1. As someone who would be technically classed as an 'adult' I can safely say all of these things still apply (except my early nights are now 10pm as I get up at 6:30..!)