GUEST BLOG: Brookes Union International Officer

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A little about myself...
Hello everyone! I am Kelvin Lee Zi Heng and I am your Brookes Union's International Students' Officer this year, how exciting...! I am Malaysian born Chinese, I did the first year of my law degree back in Malaysia and came to UK last summer for my second and third year. Most of my course mates back home only come to the UK in their 3rd year but I chose a different path as I wanted to gain a full exposure of what it is like to be an international students - living on your own in a whole new country, surrounded by different people from all over the world, experiencing an unfamiliar culture, & finding yourself feeling at home away from home - so that I could provide assistance to the rest of the international students studying in Brookes to improve their student experience.

My plan for the year...
Simple! My plans for the year are mainly career oriented, as I would love to get a Tier 2 sponsor and remain in the UK after my studies.

By having the first hand experience of the difficulty in getting a Tier 2 sponsor, I will try my best to work on the support for international students to improve their employability while studying at Brookes! I strongly believe that it is hard, but not impossible!

Feel free to contact me at, if you have any concerns or ideas which we can improve on your student's experience!

Together, we make the sky bluer, and the grass greener, and your student's experience at Brookes better! ;)