Evaluating 7 Strategic Places to Sit in the JHB Buiding

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At peak library times (usually exam and deadline season) JHB becomes a little overcrowded and space can be limited #TheStruggle. Using my experience as a Second Year I have evaluated all the hot spots to sit and work in the library. So if you're yearning for a juicy seat in ye old JHBae, I have the right guide for you.

1. The Computer Room

  • Computers designed for students who need graphic software
  • Plenty of table room and many computers
  • Located just at the back of the forum - still central, but it's private.
  • The room is hotter than the Sahara Desert (fun fact: Sahra is Sahara in Persian #PersianPriestessSinceDay - sorry, that was irrelevant)
  • It's a bit noisy.
Overall Rating: 3.4/5 John Henry's

2. The Forum

  • It's in the centre of JHB
  • The number one social spot
  • Next to the cafe for your coffee fix
  • It is almost impossible to get any work done
  • There are more seshes organised in JHB than there is actual work done
  • Not a very productive environment
Overall Rating: 2/5 John Henry's

3. Quiet Area Study Section

  • It's quiet - good for concentration
  • It's quiet - you will be judged if your stomach makes any weird noises
Overall Rating: 2/5 John Henry's

4. The Terrace

  • Good view of Brookes
  • The atmosphere is #aesthetic 
  • There is a lot of table space
  • Not many plugs to give your Macbook a little juice
  • It gets super busy at lunch
  • You can't organise a decent sesh there
Overall Rating: 3/5 John Henry's

5. The Group Pods on the Second Floor

  • Good for group work
  • Productive vibes
  • Walls around each pod so it makes it more secluded 
  • You have to book one of these bad boys in advance
  • Many people hog one to themselves - don't be that person
Overall Rating: 3/5 John Henry's

6. The Library

  • Classic working vibes
  • A social yet studious environment 
  • Productive
  • Unless you're in the quiet section, you'll be distracted by all the juicy gossip going round from last night's Fishy Fingers.
Overall Rating: 4.5/5 John Henry's

7. The Basement

  • Silent
  • #WorkVibesOnly
  • Super productive
  • No phone signal (also a pro as you won't be distracted)
  • Selfie lighting is relatively poor
Overall Rating: 2.5/5 John Henry's

Winner: The Library 
What a shocking result.

Until next time,