Getting back into the swing of things

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As the end of the Christmas holiday looms and term is a mere few days away, you may be wondering how on earth you're going to get back into the routine of 9am lectures and ongoing coursework after five cosy weeks of lie-in's and having your mum cook dinner for you- at least, this is what I'm feeling.

My Christmas vacation has been a great one- I spent Christmas Day with all of my family, went on a week-long holiday to Budapest, Hungary with the Brookes Talks Public Speaking Society (a separate post to follow!) and I found out I passed all of my modules with grades that I wanted. I'm excited to get back to university and start Semester two, but -I'm sure like many others- there's a daunting feeling about going back. To combat this, I've made a list of 'university resolutions' to try and get me back on track:

1. Wake up at 7:00am each day 

I know what you're thinking- why would I put myself through this kind of torture? You see, I was blessed by the timetabling Gods last semester by having no 9am lectures. It seems as if this has come back to bite me though, as this semester I've been subjective to not one, but two 9am lectures at Harcourt Hill (cue the sound of tiny violins).

So this resolution is mainly down to being a necessity, but lots of research has shown that getting up early and getting into a good sleeping routine improves mood, concentration and performance. So why not give it a go?

2. Plan well

Note the use of 'well' instead of 'more'. Last semester, it was well known among my friends that I made endless lists and plans to try and organise my life- from shopping lists to revision plans to planning my entire week. In the end, I probably spent more time making plans than I did actually sticking to them. It ended up making my life even more disorganised by having hundreds of little lists stuck up in my room.

Instead, I'm going to make shorter, more concise and more importantly, fewer lists. Planning you entire week at uni hour-by-hour doesn't work; plans change and the university experience is about being spontaneous. But, certain plans can make life a touch easier at uni, which leads me to my next resolution...

3. Make meal plans

To avoid sounding like a hypocrite after my last point, meal plans are money saving and encourage you to eat so much healthier and better at uni. In the first few weeks (after Fresher's, of course) I was whipping up white wine risotto's and steak salads like a resident Clive-Booth Jamie Oliver. By the end of the semester, I was sat in the JHB library at 2am ordering a deliveroo, I want to get healther this semester, and that starts with actually taking the time to cook food that isn't pizza every other night.

4. Join more societies 

Last Semester, I joined one society: Brookes Talks. I've loved the experience of being involved in this society and it's been a big help to my confidence. I've challenged myself to join a few more societies, such as OxFit and The Mixology Society. A list of all of the Oxford Brookes societies can be found at

So there we go. My 'resolutions' or whatever they could be called. I'm hoping that by doing it, I'll have a summer term that is just as amazing as my first term at university was. It might be difficult to stick to these aims at first, but I know that it'll be worth it in the long run!

"Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end" -Robin Sharma