New Year’s Resolutions (and other such nonsense)

21:01 Sophie Flynn 0 Comments

So you’ve made it through your first term, Christmas is over and it’s time to come back to the real world. What better way to start the new year than making some resolutions, right? Well, not exactly. I’ll be honest, I hate New Year’s resolutions. They always seem to focus on all the things we don’t like about ourselves and we tend to use them as punishments. A quick flick through Facebook shows our favourite things to bravely promise to ourselves and the world:

‘This year I will – go to the gym/ give up sugar/eat less carbs/take up running/drink less alcohol.’

Boo. Now, I’m not advocating avoidance of the gym in totality (though I can tell you I’ve managed it for years and it’s wonderful) or a diet of pure sugar, alcohol and carbs (though again, I could convince you of the benefits) but really, isn’t there something better we could focus on than limiting our food and upping our exercise?

I know I want more than that. Last year, I did write some resolutions, the only one* I remember is this:

In 2017, I will write more.

Nice and simple, I did not vow to write every day, to write a book, to quit my job and become a writer. Just write more. And I have. This time last year I could not imagine that I would be sat here having finished the first term of an MA in Creative Writing, or that I would be still writing my book (which at this point last year was a few thousand words and an idea I was too embarrassed to talk about) but I’m so glad I did.

So, if you must, make resolutions, but make them about the things you want, not the things you don’t.

*This isn’t entirely true, I also resolved to register myself with a dentist and I have failed at this for another year running, but it hardly seems poetic to mention that