The Lazy Student's Night Out

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You’ve made it off the U5, or walked into city centre with your best mates, and you’ve got cash out from the Lloyds on the corner. You walk down Cornmarket Street and make a mental note to beat the 3am rush for McDonalds later. Just before Lush you make a left turn and pass The Cellar, head down the stairs and you’re there; the magical, or truthfully just pretty standard Purple Turtle. As a seasoned third year, I can tell you that the best part of clubbing in first year is finding out you don’t have to go because you can just go to PT instead.

For those of you who haven’t been, PT is this amazing amalgamation of a bar and a club. They have great cocktails that are often on offer (try The Hulk if you like your watermelon), and even better bartenders. They have a shot for every Oxford College, every Hogwarts house, and for Oxford Brookes. I would however steer clear of the Brookes shot if you’re not big on Absinthe.

They also have a theme for every night of the week. Monday is AWOL for students, Tuesday is Wannabe with great 90s music, Wednesday is (my personal favourite) Crash! which is just a weird mix of Vampire Weekend and Taylor Swift. Thursday is another great night with Brooklyn Zoo for hip-hop and only black-and-white club photos, which is always a plus. Nocturnal on Friday is dance music, and Saturday is the amazing Propaganda – the only club night you’ll get to hear Arctic Monkeys and Mr. Brightside. Did I mention it’s free entry Monday through Thursday?

Purple Turtle isn’t normally the kind of place to wear heels or your finest brands, but mostly comfy trainers and jeans. It’s easily the most casual club in town, so it’s a great night out for second and third years on a budget, with the occasional free drink for early birds on the guest list. It’s the best kind of place because it requires no planning at all. If it’s Tuesday night and you feel like going out all of a sudden, put your shoes on and get to PT where most of the people you will meet ended up there accidentally anyway. Most cocktails in your second and third year end up at PT or another club, so just embrace it. Fall in love with the casual night out, and enjoy being a lazy student.