10 things all Psychology students can relate to

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If you study Psychology, you'll probably be able to relate to these points on a spiritual level...(I know I do).

1. 'OMG! You study Psychology! Can you read my mind?' 

Yes Alex, by studying how the mind and behaviour I automatically become a Psychic. Here, let me show you my crystal ball.

2. 'Psychology isn't a real science' 

So...you're telling me... that even though I'll be studying neuropsychology, biological psychology, statistics, formulae, using specialist equipment such as EEG machines and the simple fact that my degree is a BSc doesn't count as science?

3. SPSS. 

I don't even need to explain this one.

4. Using reverse psychology on family/friends/various members of society

The golden sentence: 'It's fine, I didn't want you to anyway'. Sorted.

5. #TFW you get a result of p<0.05 


6. Your most used word is probably 'subconsciously' 

Everything is subconscious! That, or it might be 'significant'.

7. Every major Psychologist has a weird name. 

Zimbardo?? Festinger?? Vygotsky?? They're funny at first, until you have to do a 1500 word essay and type the name fifty times.

8. When you miss out on a first for getting APA formatting confused with Harvard referencing



9. "Oh you do Psychology? You must know a lot about Freud!"

Let's get this cleared up: Freud and his theories, despite how wonderful and wacky they are, make up maybe 5% or less of my entire course. There's more to us than the Oedipus complex ♡

10. Finally, THIS JOKE

"Why is Pavlov's hair so soft?"

"Classical Conditioning"

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