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In the deep bleakness that is January, feeling a little miserable from the crushing realisation that Christmas was over, I was feeling pretty down. Most of my 'home friends' were back to their respective uni's, and I still had another three weeks to go. So what kept me from dying of boredom in my now seemingly dull hometown? The Brookes Talks Budapest Social!

I have been a been a member of the Brookes Talks Public Speaking Society since the start of semester one, and before Christmas the fantastic committee organised a trip for myself and the other members to go to Budapest, Hungary for a week to bond, socialise and prepare ourselves for Semester two.

After a being reunited with my best friend from uni, Bethan, in a fashion that can only be compared to that of the opening scene from Love Actually ( third party content, may contain adverts), we met up at Gatwick airport with our fellow members and boarded our flight to Budapest.

Our fantastic group!

We stayed in Adagio Hostel 2.0, opposite the largest Basilica in Budapest, on the Champs- Elysées of Budapest. I have to admit, I was so nervous. I was staying in a hostel, with people who I had only spoken to briefly in the weekly meetings, for an entire week. Was this going to be the most awkward holiday ever? 

The view from the hostel balcony

The trip ended up being one of the best experiences I've ever had- as a group, we got on like we'd been friends for three years, in just three hours of being there. We were fortunate enough to visit some of the most iconic sights of Budapest, such as the Chain Bridge, the Szeycheyni baths and Szimpla Kert, Budapest's weirdest/best ruin bar. 

I was also concerned about the food- was it going to be really stodgy? Was I going to hate it? I couldn't have been more wrong. The food ranged from rich, tasty goulash and langosh, to decadent macarons and rose gelato.

We were even lucky enough to see a little bit of snow while we were there-unsurprising, since the temperature ranged from 2 degrees to -12 degrees.

All in all, it was an absolutely fantastic trip; the Brookes Talks committee provided a spectacular holiday. By the end of the trip, there was just one question on everyone's lips- where to next? 

Ellena Gartside x

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