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Dear All,

Hope you have had an amazing holiday! May 2017 bring Joy and Happiness to you :)

As promised just before the christmas break, I am going to continue telling you my Brookes stories.
This time, with the help of pictures I will share all the incredible experiences and my personal highlights of the International Hospitality Management Year 1  ........

The day it all began .... 16 September 2014

My very first day at the Oxford School of Hospitality was much better than I had ever expected. As you can see from the above picture I was pretty much over the moon from happiness. It was a great day full of new meetings. It was a day when I got to know my course mates and the very inspiring faculty members of the Oxford School of Hospitality. I knew I would have the time of my life at the school right at that moment when our programme lead suggested to end the induction day at the Brookes restaurant. Students together with the teachers were enjoying canap├ęs and drinks, whilst sharing their life stories. I thought it was a really special and unique way to start the four year journey, as we all felt that they were not just going to be our teachers, but our mentors through life. My personal highlight of that day was meeting the head of school and saying goodbye to him in the end of the evening. He replied : 'Goodbye Mia'. When someone remembers your name after meeting just around 100 people it makes you very happy and motivates you to give it all you have got to make them proud.

The day I met Ken Hom ... 27 September 2014

Above you see another picture of me looking rather happy.... It was the most unbelievable day that had changed my life. So.... on the 27th of September 2014 the Bacchus Society had arranged this wonderful lunch with Ken Hom.  I was running 5 minutes late and when I finally arrived I was greeted by the gentleman who offered me pre-lunch drinks and showed me the venue. Inside the room I found my course mate Bryony with whom I had discussed how privileged I felt to attend that lunch. Bryony felt as excited as I was, which is why we both had not noticed how all the seats got taken while we were saying hello to the head of school. In the end we both got offered a place at the table where the head of school together with the patrons of the Bacchus Society were seating. However, it was not the end of all the surprises for that day. After sometime of seating at the same table with such remarkable people and wondering what to talk to them about, someone approached us and shook our hands. It was Ken Hom, and he, too, sat down at the same table. Bryony and I could not hide our shock and happiness. That could have been the end of the story, but it wasn't. After enjoying the amazing lunch and listening to Ken's interview with our head of school, I managed to get this fantastic picture taken and received a business card from the person that greeted me at the very beginning of the lunch. He was the general manager of the hotel where the lunch was held. After sending him my CV and attending several interviews, I started working part-time at the hotel that I really wanted to be part of.

Brookes Restaurant ... 18 December 2014

The first year experience would not have been complete without Brookes restaurant. You go in as a naive, confused person and you come out as a totally different version of yourself, the one who knows what he/she wants in life and what to do in order to get there. For the first six months I was working in the kitchen, and the following six months I was a waiter. This was the experience that has taught me to appreciate the importance of each and every job. The experience that has taught me that hard work and determination will result in great achievements. My personal highlight of the whole experience was the day when I was head chef. I, together with my other course mate Immi, was in charge of the whole kitchen operation for that lunch service. It was very nerve-wracking, however we managed to make success out of that day. Not only customers were happy about the food, but also the team we were managing thought that our management style was very effective.

Oxford Literary Festival ... 27 March 2015

Another of my personal highlights that year was Oxford Literary Festival. I was fortunate enough to be a personal assistant of Marc Millon a renowned food, wine and travel writer, and Patron of Oxford Gastronomica and Mario Fontana an award-winning producer of the traditional wines of Le Langhe — Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barolo. Not only I got to meet the legendary people from the Hospitality industry and attend their wine tasting session at University College Oxford, but also had an opportunity to meet their family members.

The Bacchus Alumni Awards ... 31 March 2015

Every year the Oxford School of Hospitality Management celebrates achievements of its students and graduates with the glamorous Bacchus Alumni Awards. 2015 was the first Bacchus Alumni Award ever held, and I have had the time of my love meeting face-to-face all the leaders of hospitality 

The Bacchus Ball ... 17 May 2015

It was the best possible way to finish the first year. The Bacchus Ball was an event organised by the graduating students, which is why it was a very beautiful event full of touching speeches, great music and dancing.

Overall, as you can see it was a year full of wonderful moments. 

A year full of great people:


A year that has taught us a lot. It had a perfect balance between theory and practice.
It gave us the knowledge of theory based on what the major hospitality employees were looking for in future graduates. It developed our knowledge and introduced us to : 

  • International Tourism/Hospitality Management
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Marketing

Most importantly, it made us employable by:

  • giving us work experience at Brookes Restaurant
  • assisting us to create professional CV
  • helping us master our interview communication skills
  • giving us clear understanding of  which kind of skills and competencies we already had and which we needed to develop in order to become future GM's.

And last but not least, it brought the best Hospitality companies right to the campus ...

Next time I will talk about one of the most exciting years of my life - Placement year at the Marriott Park Lane.

P.S. The video that shows how very excited I was after my first year of studies


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