New Food at Brookes: The Forum

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If you've stopped by the Forum recently, you might have noticed a slight rejig of the cafe. Most of the changes revolve around less queueing meaning an extra till, three separate lines, and a queue-jump yoyo till (but I don't know what that is so don't ask me). They've also moved one of the fridges, put the cakes and pastries inside the till counters Pret-style, and have put in a full size hot counter.
It sounds relatively uninteresting for us students who will eat almost anything available, but I thought I'd check out what was on offer anyway in the new hot unit. Curried parsnip soup, broccoli soup, tikka masala, and chilli con carne with rice are all new additions I've seen so far. Don't fear - they still sell sausage rolls, in fact they now have two different types. The little takeaway tubs of hot food seem to change everyday, so decided I'd have chilli this time. For £3.70, it's not cheap but it was hot and I was starving. I also grabbed a Starbucks tea for £1.80, and a chunk of bread and butter for an extra 35p.

After practically inhaling the small chunk of bread (more bread please), I was surprised by the chilli. It was warming and probably full of good things like beans and veg. Aside from the excessive amount of kidney beans and disproportionate amount of rice, I demolished the chilli.
£3.70 isn't exactly a steal, but it's a good substantial lunch and your parents would likely be happy to see you eat something other than digestives or cereals for once, so not too shabby! They offer a meaty hot pot, veggie hot pot, fuller soup, and simple soup, but if it's not for you, there's still plenty of options around campus like the famous burger deal from the bar, and there are more changes waiting to happen around the Terrace and Roost restaurant so we'll wait and see. I'm personally always down for a food test...

What do you think? Have you tried anything new at Brookes?