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As a third year student with just four weeks left to scrape together a dissertation as well as managed four or five other deadlines, there's little time for fun. We managed a good night out but we'll be trading those kinds of nights out for ones at the library. However, we all know there's always time for a film on Netflix, so why not go out and watch a film?
The Odeon can be expensive in the evenings and you might have already seen a lot of new releases, but that's not your only option. My housemate and I discovered Cinema Under The Stairs over Christmas, and finally made it to a showing last week. Cinema Under The Stairs is run by a hilarious group of friends that show one film a month in The Cellar (just before PT). We got to see a Clint Eastwood classic, A Fistful of Dollars.
The idea these guys had was for cheap cinema, but good quality, as well as drinks, food, and people. We could tell from the first few minutes of being in there that they get to know the customers and it makes for an amazing atmosphere which is just loads of people who like film having fun. I paid £4 for my ticket, 50p for an outrageously good slice of banana bread, and about £3 for an alcoholic drink. It's damn good value, I'll tell you that.
The film itself was great, and I have a new found crush on young Clint Eastwood (trust me). Beforehand, one of the guys dressed like a character from the film sang songs to us and drank tequila, and afterwards they held a raffle. Tickets to the raffle are very cheap, but you have a pretty decent chance of winning vouchers for pubs, restaurants, Truck Store, and even DVDs, posters and more. It's just all really good value, and really good fun.
Another bonus for film lovers is the opportunity to buy the amazing posters they create for each film. It's £10 for an A1 size poster - and they are all stunning. You can also buy a poster from a previous event, so next time I go, I'll be buying the Fistful of Dollars one. We had so much fun at the first showing, we decided pretty much immediately to buy tickets for March's screening of Shogun Assassin, which looks ridiculous.

If it sounds like something you'd enjoy, you'll have to be quick. Customers very quickly become regulars which means half the tickets will be sold just hours after going online. It's honestly so much fun, and it's a chance to enjoy a film you might never have seen, and to hang out with friends and these guys who are genuinely wonderful. Plus you can enjoy free sweets, and try some of that beautiful banana bread!

You can catch them on
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CinemaUnderTheStairs/
Twitter: @CineUnderStairs
Website: http://www.cinemaunderthestairs.com/

(At the time of publishing this, there are 4 tickets left so hurry Brookes students!)