Save the Dollar Whilst You're a Scholar

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"Rhyming title? Nice touch!" I heard myself exclaim as my creative juices excelled onto my screen (modest, much?). Anyways, one of my New Years Resolutions was to manage my finances better - a resolution I'm sure is shared by many. A majority of my capital is allocated to clothes, food/drink and leisure - although some is essential (e.g. gym and Spotify membership), there is still room to save! I have compiled a list of 6 helpful tips that I use to #SaveTheDollarWhilstYoureAScholar.

*Note: Interestingly, this week is Student Money Week, so this post fits perfectly with the theme and can give you some further helpful financial guidance!

1. The Yoyo Wallet App

I've used this app since I joined Brookes and it has not only been cost effective but also saved me time! You simply go to any Brookes cafe (whether it's in the main campus, H-Town, or Big Wheatz), pick your food/drink and simply scan a code on your phone to pay!
Using the App knocks 10% off the price plus it gives you points and rewards (sort of like a Tesco Clubcard), so you'll continuously receive free food/drinks the more you use the app.
I've recently become a student ambassador for the brand, so use PromoCode: YOYOSAHRAK when signing up!
Additionally, you can download the sister app, Yoyo Jump, to preorder your food and drink and pay through the app, so you don't even have to join the queue!

2. Vouchercloud AKA Bae

Every time I find myself dining out, I always check to see if there is a discount available online - my personal favourite website being Vouchercloud. It is quick, easy and definitely reliable to obtain any discount. In my experience, Vouchercloud often has many discounts for chain restaurants, such as your high street classics, Pizza Express, etc.

3. You Don't Actually Need A TV License...

Let's face it, you will probably end up watching 'proper' TV once throughout the whole year of your shared house. Plus, there are always catch up websites for your favourite channels. Interestingly, although you do need a TV Licence to access BBC iPlayer, as long as you have a license at home and your laptop/tablet is not plugged in whilst you access the website, watching shows on iPlayer is legal! Hooray! Yung Alan Shugz for days!
Additionally, you and your flatmates can split the cost of a Netflix account* and use a HDMI cable to hook it up to your telly! Boom - cheap, indoor cinema.
*Note: if there are several members on the account it can potentially disrupt Netflix and Chill sessions.

4. Skip Nights Out!

Jokes, m8, don't do that - just be a little more money conscious! Don't take your card out with you and withdraw a mere £15 prior to a night out. Try reserve the £5 for the return bus/taxi fare. The rest of the £10 may be allocated to your drinks (although this may limit the amount of beverages you consume, you will thank yourself in the morning - alternatively, pre hard, freshaaaa). This can also deter you from purchasing post-night out kebabs which you also often regret the next morning - this tip is both friendly to the stomach and the wallet!

5. Superstores, Not Convenience Stores!

Although it might be so much easier to pop round the corner and buy your weekly groceries, try and make the effort to a larger grocery shop (Tesco Cowley is a second home to many Brookes students) to make your week's shop cheaper. This method is extremely cost effective and you can also bulk buy - save money and get more, yaaaas!

6. Use Social Media

The next time you order clothes or anything online, chances are there is a promo code which can slash the price. This is where Twitter comes in - simply search the name of the brand and "promo code" in the search bar and you can see all the promo codes people have tweeted! For example, you need fresh crepes for Monday Night Bridge, but alas, ASOS' prices aren't so nice on the pocket, so you search "ASOS promo code" on Twitter for a cheeky discount (sometimes up to 40% off!) how juicy?!

I hope you've found these tips from a modern day frugal lady particularly useful and keep your eyes peeled for more monetary advice during Student Money Week!

Until next time,