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"Hello, Oxford Brookes!" I sing into the microphone every Monday 4-5pm (please tune in), "it's time for SK's Monday Mandem - a show about high quality tunes and low quality banter".

Brookes' range of societies is rather versatile, and I can proudly state that I have been a member of Radio Society since my first year here. Radio allows the voice of students to be heard - whether it's their political, social or general opinions, students are allowed to communicate their thoughts and theories through radio. Some shows revolve around certain topics such as sports, student life, improv - my show in particular focuses on music and, indeed, banter (it's the best show out there, let's be real).

The studio is located on Headington Hill Campus (just a short walk from the JHB building) and is rich in the finest equipment; from turntables to microphones to mixing decks, the studio has it all. Extra microphones are provided in the event of guest speakers or even friends joining in on the fun of the show. Plus it makes you feel like a much cooler version of Nick Grimshaw when you start.

Radio is fun and a good skill to acquire as you learn how to stream, upload and work with certain softwares and it even helps you enhance your confidence. Nevertheless, it is hard work. In my case, planning my script, compiling songs together, setting up the equipment and other preparation takes approximately 2/3 hours per week (plus another hour for my slot). Although it can be difficult to keep up with, all presenters enjoy Radio as we are interested in what we discuss and conduct. Additionally, promotion is of high importance so that people know when to tune in! For example, I made a poster and it is currently my Facebook and Twitter cover photo. I then tweeted the photo to the uni account who placed it on their advertising boards #MarketingStudentLyf.  

(please note this is an old poster and the time is now 4-5!)

Whether you aspire to be the next Annie Mac (she's not really that cool, though, super soz) or merely wish to discuss your views on current affairs or just want to gain some confidence then radio is for you. Just remember to prep, plan and be interested in what you're talking about. Also, don't forget to tune in to my show Monday's 4-5pm ty x

Until next time,