Young, Blessed with Plenty of Stress (A Placement Article)

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Stress is the key word to this article, because it depicts my exact feelings towards the placement hunt. It's not fun, it's not quick and it is certainly not easy. I know it sounds like I'm trying to steer potential Placementeers (that's the name I'm giving people like me) away from applying for one, but I am merely conveying the harsh truth.

I have applied for many placements since the dawn of time (September 2016, same thing) and have received many sweet rejections and a very few number of interviews. I've had interviews with companies such as Apple (was in top 25, it ain't a thang #justdoingme), EA and Disney (top 12, again #justdoingme). My Apple Assessment Day (AD) was... a strange experience because I felt like the environment didn't really suit me (and also because this random boy who was at the event attempted to chat me up via LinkedIn #noscrubsplease). It taught me that despite the fact that it's a fantastic blue chip company, it's just not for me - plus I had no idea what they were talking about half the time. 

What really frustrates me is when the companies don't bother responding to my application, whether it's a rejection or not, it's still appreciative to know, especially because my habitual situation needs to be organised for the following year! Alas, some companies take absolutely ages to respond, for example, Disney took 4 months to tell me that I made it to the AD stage. 

I had my Disney AD on the Wednesday 8th February and it was an incredibly intense day. Despite the fact that I live in London, I found it relatively difficult to locate the Disney HQ as I had to go through a particular entrance. Five minutes prior to the interview I was lost in the depths of Hammersmith crying on the phone to my mother, demonstrating my totally chill nature which is perfectly suitable for a renowned firm like Disney... Anyways, the day began at the exceptionally early time that is 8:30am and finished at 6:00pm. The AD consisted of team work, numerical tests, presentations, a significant amount of interviews, tours and more. It was quite the experience!

After all these interviews I realised (because, in the words of Snapchat Queen, Kylie J, this is the year of realising things) that I wouldn't know anything for certain soon, so I placed a deposit on a room at a Brookes student housing accommodation and just hoped for the best in terms of placement.

After this epiphany was engraved into my mind, Disney contacted me on the following Thursday (so literally the day after the AD) and offered me a placement! I will officially be an Intern at The Walt Disney Company as of the 3rd July in the Consumer Products Sector (official role is Buying Property Intern which is essentially the merchandising/advertising of franchise for films and writing up the legal contracts, etc). Yas!

Ultimately, you must stay motivated! Oh, and don't stress!

Until next time, 

StressK (see what I did there?)

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