The Study Sesh #SS

09:00 Sahra Khaneghah 0 Comments

So you want a chill sesh with the core mandem but the woes and stress of work are deterring you from doing so? Never fear, fellow students, for the #SS (#StudySesh) trend is here - and becoming increasingly popular! What is this fantastic trend I hear you ask? A SS entails melodious music in a studious environment accompanied by comrades. A standard SS generally lasts for 4-5 hours in the company of 3-5 acquaintances - a group size which is not too large to be easily distracted yet not too small to get bored, really. 

A general SS playlist should consist of mellow music to set the working environment. Here are my top study tracks:
  1. Stuck on the Puzzle - Alex Turner, Submarine Soundtrack
  2. A Space in Air - Nujabes, Impression Reissue 
  3. Pusher - Alt-J, This Is All Yours
  4. Supersymmetry - Arcade Fire, Reflektor
  5. Walla Walla - Glass Animals - Zaba
All these tracks satisfy both the ear and the mind. Plus, all the songs are generally quite good tunes. Alternatively, follow my study playlist workin hard on Spotify (my handle is sahra-sk) where you can hear all these motivational bangers and others. 

To maintain studious vibes you need the two essential items:
  1. Exceptional table space
  2. A healthy number of chargers and sockets
These two features are the core requirements of a productive SS. Extra additions which could be beneficial include a generous supply of water and biscuits to keep you going. 

No one actually likes working so set a realistic goal and give yourselves rewards and breaks. In my experience SS are more productive in the evening because the time pressure is far more substantial. Perhaps a good reward after an evening sesh could be a trip to the pub or even a film featuring a comforting Deliveroo order.

Essentially, just stay productive and motivated but don't exhaust yourself. I know you've probably heard all this before but  take advice from this relatively experienced Second Year and organise a #StudySesh, you might find it particularly useful!