GUEST BLOG: A Day in the Life

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Hi guys! I’m Poppy, doing my second guest blog here. As a history student here at Brookes no one day is the same. This semester I have six hours of contact time (made up of three lectures and two seminars), opposed to the more typical eight hours because I’m taking a placement module. On top of this I have irregular working weeks and the amount of time I end up huddled in the library depends on the closeness to my deadlines.

With that in mind, here’s my ‘a day in the life’.

Normally I’d have to be up two hours before my lecture to make sure I’m up, ready, and give myself enough time to walk up the hill to university. However, last night I stayed at my partner’s flat on campus, which was a lifesaver as it meant I gloriously got a whole extra hour in bed and didn’t have to leave the flat until 9:45. It really is the dream.

I started the day with my 10am lecture, and a much needed cup of tea. This lecture was on the Spanish Civil War as part of my module on the inter-war period of 1914-1917. On my programme, we tend to have huge topics as our modules, such as ‘Crisis of the West’. This is then broken down every week to study a single event, person, or idea.

My two hour lecture finishes at 12, by then I’m starving hungry and longing to be in the sunshine which has been hiding from England for what feels like 50 years. Of course its first outing is while I’m stuck inside for two hours.

I took the short walk from my lecture theatre to the sports bar and enjoyed a milkshake and a bacon sarnie (weird combination, I know, but it was good I promise). A few hours of bliss before I need to get back to the grind.

My excursion in the sunshine is cut short by the reminder that I needed to start researching for my next essay, do the reading my lecture uploaded for the next lecture, oh…and write this blog! Inevitably I’m writing this instead, as it’s by far the most enjoyable activity out of my three options. After searching the library for a seat and assembling a small tower of books I’m finally settled down to begin my work for the day.

The majority of my course is spent doing ‘independent study’, which is university speak for hiding in the library. What tends to happen on my course is that lecturers upload the reading they’d like us to do as prep to our website ‘moodle’. After I do that, there might be some small tasks or larger assignments we need to do.

Home time. After spending an unusually long time at university for me I walk for about half an hour until I reach my little flat off Cowley Road, which is considered the students’ city centre here in Oxford. It’s a long busy street crammed full of pubs, independent cafes, shops and murals on the walls. I’m going to quickly make myself some dinner and get ready to head into the city.

Tonight I attended the history societies social. Societies are a great opportunity to mix with people outside of your lectures and meet new people. Naturally, as I addressed in my previous blog post, I’m a 90 year old woman living in a 20 year old’s body. Because of this, I elect out of following the society to the club after a few quiet drinks in a cocktail bar and head home for an early-ish night.

Thank you all for reading, feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I’ll see you next month!