GUEST BLOG: Surviving Deadline Season

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Hello! So, this is my last guest blog here at Brookes Blogs so I thought I would write five tips I have for surviving the horror that is deadline season.

1. Avoid the Library

Unless you’re an early bird the likelihood is that like me you’ll stroll into university around 11/12 o’clock ready to start cracking on with your essays, or procrastinate from the comfort of the library. The problem is however that you’ll find that there isn’t a single seat, sofa, computer or corner to work in. Instead, I probably spend a good twenty minutes walking around all 5 floors of the library, and the forum, in the hope that “maybe this time” I’ll be lucky. Alas, the result is always the same.

Personally, I can’t work from home. The lure of the fridge and Netflix will always be stronger than my willpower. Instead, I’ve found that working in coffee shops with my flatmates can be a good place to study if you can work from your laptop. Alternately, trying to find some empty classrooms on Headington campus is essentially the same as working from the library. Gibbs if often pretty empty with many courses finishing teaching, so the opportunity to work in the computer rooms and still be able to quickly walk to the library is what I find most effective.

2. Caffeine, caffeine, caffeine.

Cut me, and I will bleed tea.  For all of you night owls out there, or like me you’ve enjoyed your Easter break a little too much and had to make up for it with a long stint in the library, here is a tip for you.  CafĂ© Central closes at 8pm, at which point, you have an extra 3 hours to get your caffeine boost from the Union Bar who also sell hot drinks.

Bring your own tea bags, or a little jar of instant coffee. A large hot water on campus will cost you 50p, compared with over £2 for a tea. I need a hot drink to keep me going throughout my essays, especially if I need to be up late doing them, so you’re covered until late on campus.

3. Plan out your time

There’s nothing worse than sitting down knowing you have two essays to write, one research design, one portfolio to produce, three posts to write, and two reports. Oh, and your friend had basically finished everything in week nine. Instead, concentrate on one thing at a time. If I tried to juggle all of those things at once, I’d be a mess. After living in the JHB for the entirety of my first semester and getting very little sleep, I’ve decided this semester I’m going to write one thing at a time. I’m still a giant ball of stress, but I feel much more focused this time around.

It’s time to bring out the colouring pens and make yourself a fancy to-do list, complete in deadline order, so you can actually prioritise properly instead of just leaving the hardest tasks until the end!

4. "Treat Yoself" – Tom Haverford, Parks and Rec.

Go out for a meal, buy a new top, take a day off, buy yourself a nice desert for a change. When every day is ‘Read, Write, Sleep, Repeat’ I tend to go a little stir crazy. Mix things up a little bit and break the cycle, especially if your revising or living in the library.

5. Bring a friend

Sure, they can be distracting at times. But I find it a lot easier to study with someone else rather than just being left to my own devices, when I will just pack up and go home when I get bored. Seeing other people working encourages me to get my head down, and then they make your breaks a lot more fun.

This is a really stressful time of year for everyone so drag someone along who’s going to make you laugh, because after nine hours in the library, you’re going to need it!

That’s all from me here at Brookes Blogs, feel free to comment below and remember – “The end is near, Summer’s nearly here!”