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Dear readers of my blog,

I hope you are all well and are enjoying summer! I am in Moscow right now, the city where I was born and the city that I Iove with all my heart. It is wonderful to be here. I really enjoy wandering around busy streets and finding new extraordinary places like this

Gorgeous Mural Honouring Russian Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya 

by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra

or even this


 Hello From the 86th floor

Despite all of the beauty I am surrounded by, my mind is occupied with only one exciting thought. I am thinking of that long-awaited day when I finally will  throw the hat in the air, otherwise known as graduation day :) Anyway, before that happens there are still many challenges to overcome and lessons to learn. I look forward to it all and cannot wait to look at all of my course mates and feel proud that we have made it :) Before  my fantasy about that day goes too far let me tell you about  

International Hospitality Management Year 3!

It was hard to go back to the academic studies right after the placement year. First couple of months I was acting as If I had never written an essay before, forgetting where to start and in what format to write.  Most of my friends also felt a little bit lost, nevertheless we had all managed to bring back the knowledge we had acquired in previous years and multiplied it during year 3. Strangely enough (surprisingly to myself) I have significantly improved my academic results after finishing placement year. I have started to see how the two worlds of theory and practice coexist  together and how I can use all the knowledge I'm receiving at Oxford Brookes in real life to improve real businesses. 

If we go back to the magic theme I have started in my Foundation Year Story Blog, there were many magical moments in year 3 as well. Such magical moments (shown below) make me feel so proud to be part of the Oxford Brookes community. 
Many thanks to Natasa Savic, who chose me as an actress for her team project. Not only Natasa was studying Master's degree at Oxford School of Hospitality, she was also my trainer at my part time job where she had been extremely helpful. Thank you!!!
 I took part in Brookes' Got Talent and, even though I did not go through the finals, I had thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and have this video as a memory. I will be returning again next year :) What I ususally say to myself is : " Go for it Mia, You need to show some funny videos to your grandchildren when you are 90" :)
Ellena Gartside and I - Yours trully, Brookes Bloggers :) We could not help but wonder how it all happened :) My favourite phrase - Over the Moon - is ideal to describe how we felt when we saw that A. our university had achieved such great results and B. that we were chosen to show the happiness :)

There were many more great moments, however if I keep going on I will write a book. Every year I am becoming a better version of myself at Brookes. 
Year 4! See you in September!

P.S. I promise to record a vlog of the day when I throw the hat in the air, otherwise known as graduation day :)

Best wishes,

Mia The Brookes Blogger