STUDENT VLOG: Przemek's introduction to Brookes and Applied Languages

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Hi, I'm Przemek from Poland and I study Applied Languages at Oxford Brookes University. In my first ever vlog, I show you a few places around Oxford Brookes and explain why I love studying here.

I am passionate about getting to know new people and their cultures and I am very interested in different areas of business - Customer Experience Management and Marketing. I love how flexible my course is and that it offers a work placement during the 3rd year. Next year, I'm going to spend 12 weeks studying at university in Madrid or Pamplona and another 12 weeks working in the U.S. or Australia. 

The video depicts my experience as a 2nd year Applied Languages student who studies English and Spanish combined with Business specialization.

Are you passionate about languages and want to improve your linguistic skills on a flexible and super-interesting course thanks to which you can travel and study? If yes, check out the Applied Languages course at Oxford Brookes!