Erasmus exchange: Przemek's tips for finding the best student accommodation

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I'm now in my third year of Applied Languages at Oxford Brookes and that means one thing: YEAR ABROAD. 

I chose to start my journey in Valencia because I always thought that the city is beautiful, bustling and has a lot to offer. However, now I know that there is even more! The atmosphere here is completely different from anywhere else. Nobody is in a hurry, people are easy-going and approachable. 

My first few weeks here have been all about finding a place to live, getting to know the city and deciding which subject I will study. I know it’s not easy to find a room when going on exchange. So, I will share with you some helpful tips about how to find a room in Valencia.

The terrace where we usually hang out with my flatmates

Some students decide to start exploring possibilities for accommodation only after arriving at the destination of their exchange. It’s a good idea because there are fake agencies on the internet and you don’t want to transfer money to agencies that turn out to be scammers. Once there, you can be more flexible with arranging viewings and you may meet local people who know about rooms to rent. However, you will need temporary accommodation and it can be quite expensive depending on what you choose. 

If you prefer to find and book the room before arriving at your destination, you should contact prospective landlords/agents through a room renting website or Facebook groups, and you can then reserve a room. Make sure you receive some kind of confirmation.

My new room
Hopefully, you will know someone who has already been to the same city for their exchange and can recommend websites or credible agencies which do not require ridiculous additional fees. For instance, I booked my room through an agency and the only additional payment I had to make was a booking fee.

The cost of a room in Valencia is around 150–300 euros plus 50 euros of invoice fee. It is obviously cheaper if you rent the room for a whole year. Expect to be paying 150 euros a month if you go there for only five months.

Blog by Przemyslaw Kurlandt, BA Applied Languages at Oxford Brookes University.
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