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Our Student Blog captures life as an Oxford Brookes student. Our bloggers come from all different faculties, subjects and year groups. To find out a little about each blogger, please check out their details below.
If you are a current Oxford Brookes student and you would like to join our student blogger team, please email Clare Stimpson on cstimpson@brookes.ac.uk for more details.

Marie Denise Anne Abella

Sasha Alexander

John Baldwin

I'm an English Literature student from Warringon (it's between Manchester and Liverpool), having just finished my third year I have decided to stay on at Brooke to do a Masters. Since I was a child, I've been interested in reading, as well as discussing and debating books, films and music, so studying English is something I really enjoy. I'm also interested in running, art and clubbing, and am a fanatical Liverpool fan. My favourite book is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Briony Brake

I'm Briony, a third year Communication, Media and Culture student combining with Sociology. I'm originally from Bournemouth and never realised how much I loved the seaside until I didn't have one. I've been a part of a few societies at Brookes, but tend to blog everywhere I can in my free time. I like films, drinking tea, writing, and have no idea whatsoever what I'm going to do after graduation, but no doubt I'll let you know when I do!

Elizabeth Burns

Hi, my name is Beth Burns and I'm a second year at Brookes. I am studying English language and communication/Education studies and as much as I love my subject I have no intention of blogging about it! I have lived in Oxford since I was born and I'm very proud of my city so expect to hear lots of me raving about it. I enjoy films, ballet and coffee! I hope you'll all enjoy my writing.

Sarah Evans-Howe

I am a PhD student (Oxford Brookes University), wife to Stephen, mother to two kids, dog-walker and owner of Sam, a dopey yellow Labrador.

Sophie Flynn

I'm Sophie, a 'mature' student although at 27, I'm not sure how mature I feel. I'm studying an MA in Creative Writing part time, alongside my full time job in communications. I live in the Cotswolds with my partner and our cat, Prim. I spend a lot of time reading, writing and watching Gilmore Girls (told you I'm not mature). Life as a 'mature' student is less about all-night drinking and living in my overdraft and more about studying and attending lectures – but I promise grown up life isn't that dull – having a job means I can always afford to buy wine.

Ellena Marie Gartside

Emma Jeffrey

Mia Jorjikia

Hello Everyone! My name is Mia Jorjikia! I'm from Moscow, Russia and I am studying International Hospitality Management here at Brookes. I am very passionate about the subject that I'm studying and feel like coming to Brookes was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have experience in performing on stage, which has played a formative role in the development of my character. This is why I might combine the two of my favourite things - hospitality + singing in the future posts, where I am going to show you my favourite places to sightsee, eat/drink in Oxford.

I'm simply having the time of my life at Brookes! If you would like to know what makes me so excited please take a look at my posts.

Sahra Khaneghah

Hi there! I’m Sahra (or SK, depends on how ‘hip’ you deem yourself to be) from the heart of London and I’m currently a Second Year Business and Marketing Management Student. As a BNOC, I’m rather involved with university life – I’m a member of Radio Society (catch my DJ sesh every Monday 4-5pm on brookesradio.com), Dance Society, Student Rep and, of course, Student Bloggers.

From societies to Placement advice, my blog posts will share my amazing continuous experiences here at Brookes, which is the aim of my blog. I’ve joined Brookes Bloggers because it enables me to pursue my love for writing, does not limit my creativity and is a personal perspective on student life.
I hope you enjoy reading my posts and don’t hesitate to comment or like them (please, I really need the likes).

Rebecca McDowell

Hey, I’m Becca. I am currently in my second year studying BA Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes. My blog will be an honest nattering of life as mature, disabled undergraduate finding my feet in the academic world that is Brookes.

At 22 years old, I have come to university as a ‘mature student’. Since leaving sixth form back in 2011 life has been hectic. I have done a year of Midwifery, which I withdrew from after developing a neurological movement disorder called Dystonia; trained as a Reflexologist and started my own business, written for Cosmopolitan Online twice and started a blog that this year won the Invisibility Award. When I’m not studying, or out with friends, I enjoying nothing more than heading home and spending time at my local stables riding.

I had not originally planned on coming to university this year. It was only after attending an open day in July and having my course leader encourage me to apply, despite missing the deadline, that I have found myself here! I could not be happier with my decision though.

Song Pei Fen

Where from: Penang, Malaysia
What I study: MArchD Applied Design in Architecture
Interests: Art & Design, photography, reading thick novels, writing and calculating, travel to exotic places, food, collecting flowers, leaves and stones
Motto in life: Live in the moment

Hannah Pickford

Tegan Ramsey

Abigail Jose Villarroel Villalobos

Jasmine York

Hello, I'm Jasmine, your local and friendly veggie princess. I study English Literature and Philosophy while having keen interests in sustainable living, gender theory, sexuality, feminism and mental health.